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What is iDOL DAYS?

iDOL DAYS is a podcast about all things idols in anime! Join us as we watch a variety of idol shows, review and critique the different aspects of each series, and attempt to discover once and for all, "Who is best girl??"New episodes released every other Friday!

About the Show

iDOL DAYS started as an informational idol anime panel run by Star at conventions around central Texas. With more and more idol shows being released each year, it became difficult to fit a discussion of every show on the market into an hour-long panel- And lo, the podcast was born!Each episode covers a different idol show, delving into the plot, characters, music, animation, and our general take on "Is this show worth watching?"New episodes are released every other Friday- Check the links below to subscribe and be notified when a new episode is released!

About the Hosts

Star is a professional comic artist and illustrator based out of Austin, TX. Her love of idols began in 2012 when Sarah showed her a clip from the iDOLM@STER anime series, after which she fell into the Idol Hell Pit and has been stuck there ever since.She is also the writer and artist behind the webcomic Castoff, an adventure story about glowy kids with problems on the run from the fantasy cops. You should read it, it's all she talks about (besides idols, of course).Favorite Idols:
☆ Makoto Kikuchi (iM@S)
☆ Umi Kousaka (iM@S Million Live)
☆ Yuko Oshima (AKB0048)

Sarah is a nerd living in Atlanta, GA. She's a professional multimedia artist for the corporate world--you might have seen her stuff, but if she told you, she'd have to kill you. Sarah was introduced into anime idols from her love of slice-of-life anime. She's also a shipper. Now kiss!Sarah is unapologetically responsible for Star's descent into Idol Hell. She also cosplays a lot, and regularly attends cons in the Southeast United States. If you run in to her, she'd love to gush about video games, anime, and 2D idols!Favorite Idols:
☆ Anna Mochizuki (iM@S Million Live)
☆ Hanamaru Kunikida (Love Live! Sunshine!!)


Q: Why is your title spelled Like That?
A: The @ and the lowercase i are an homage to the iDOLM@STER logo!
Q: Who did the art for your podcast?
A: Star did both the cover art, logo, and character designs! Because she has no chill.
Q: What's your intro/closing song?
A: Kira Kira Girls from Nash Music Library!
Q: Why do you talk about crabs so much??
A: No thoughts, head empty, only crabs 🦀


Season 1

Episode 00: Welcome to iDOL DAYS!A primer for the series! An introduction to the concept of idols, defining some important terms, and meeting your hosts!

Episode 01: THE iDOLM@STER (2011) Part 1Sarah and Star revisit the series that got them both into idols!Covers episodes 1-12.

Episode 02: THE iDOLM@STER (2011) Part 2Sarah and Star revisit the series that got them both into idols!Covers episodes 13-25.

Episode 03: Perfect BlueStar introduces Sarah to one of her favorite movies, the idol-themed psychological horror film by Satoshi Kon!{Content warning for mentions of rape and violence}

Episode 04: If My Favorite Idol Made It to the Budokan I Would DIE!Sarah reviews the new comedy series about hyper-dedicated idol fans and the importance of flipping bread.

Episode 05: 22/7Star reviews her newest watch, which may or may not be about idols joining a cult. Is it a cult? It's probably a cult.

Episode 06: IDOLiSH7Sarah and Star tackle their first guydol show of the podcast! (Guy idols. Idol dudes. Y'know, them pretty boys.)

Episode 07: TsukiutaSarah stays on the guydol train a little longer to tell Star all about a radio drama turned anime that... may have too many boys.

Episode 08: Sekko BoysSometimes idol shows are serious, and sometimes idol shows are about sentient statues. Star's gonna teach you about Sekko Boys!!

Episode 09: Love Live! School Idol Project! Part 1We couldn't put it off forever! Sarah watches the original Love Live for the first time, and discusses her thoughts with Star, a jaded LL veteran.Covers season 1 (episodes 1-13).

Episode 10: Love Live! School Idol Project! Part 2Part 2 of our Love Live coverage! Sarah watches the original Love Live for the first time, and discusses her thoughts with Star, a jaded LL veteran.Covers season 2 (episodes 14-26).

Episode 11: Love Live! Sunshine!! Part 1It's Star's turn to talk Love Live! Let's talk about Aqours, the successors to the Love Live throne!Covers season 1 (episodes 1-13).

Episode 12: Love Live! Sunshine!! Part 2The final episode of the Summer of Love Live! Let's talk about LL Sunshine and Aqours, the successors to the Love Live throne!Covers season 2 (episodes 14-26).

Episode 13: IDOLiSH7 VibratoWe're winding down after 4 episodes of Love Live with a triumphant return to our I7 boys! Let's catch up with IDOLiSH7 Vibrato!

Episode 14: Idol ProjectCursed Idol October has begun, and we're starting with a throwback- We're going back in time to an idol sci-fi from the 90's! Let's learn about Idol Project!(No, it's not related to Love Live)

Episode 15: Samurai Jam: Bakumatsu RockFor part 2 of Cursed Idol October, we're going even further back in time and exploring a very historically accurate* show featuring samurai idols! (Or "samuraidols", if you will).*Historical accuracy may vary

Episode 16: Zombieland SagaIt's spooky season- which means it's the perfect time for a spooky series! We're talking about Zombieland Saga, the story of idols from beyond the grave! And we're joined by.... Our very first special guest?!

Episode 17: Uta no Prince-Sama: Maji Love 1000%Sarah takes us on the first steps down the rabbit hole that is Uta no Prince-Sama!! In an academy where romance is forbidden, will a composer find her true love...?!

Episode 18: The iDOLM@STER MovieIt's Thanksgiving season, and we're hopping back on the iM@S train to discuss the iDOLM@STER Movie!(Because iM@S Million Live is Thank You Project, get it?)

Episode 19: iDOLM@STER SideMStar's keeping us on the iDOLM@STER rails as she finally watches SideM! But how does the guydol branch of her favorite franchise stack up...?!

Episode 20: The iDOL DAYS Christmas Special!Merry Christmas, dear listeners! Our present to you is a new episode- Enjoy our iDOL DAYS Christmas Special!

Episode 21: Wake Up Girls (Part 1)Rise and shine, everyone! We're starting off the new year with a discussion of Wake Up Girls!Covers the 7 Idols movie and episodes 1-12.

Episode 22: Wake Up Girls (Part 2)Part 2 of our Wake Up Girls coverage! In this ep, we continue our discussion with the 2 mid-series movies, The Shadow of Youth and Beyond the Bottom.

Episode 23: Wake Up Girls (Part 3)The final part of our Wake Up Girls coverage! Let's discuss the somewhat divisive 2nd season- Wake Up Girls New Chapter!

Episode 24: GivenIn this episode, Star watches and reviews a recommendation from Sarah- the high school band drama/romance Given!{Content warning for mention of suicide.}

Episode 25: AKB0048 (Part 1)Sarah watches and reviews AKB0048, the sci-fi spin-off of actual idol group AKB48. Take care, everyone- it's about to get wild in here.Covers episodes 1-13.
{Content warning for sounds of gunfire}

Episode 26: AKB0048 (Part 2)The second part of our AKB0048 discussion! Sarah wraps up her coverage of the sci-fi idol epic AKB0048! It's a cult classic- literally!Covers episodes 14-26.

Episode 27: High School Musical
(April Fool's Special)
On this episode, we discuss the original school idols, the cast of High School Musical! Let's go!! 🏀

Season 2

Episode 28: iDOL DAYS 1st Anniversary!It's time to start season 2! We're looking back on the past year, discussing what's next for the show, and taking questions from our listeners! Join us!

Episode 29: Uma Musume Pretty Derby!Sarah noticed that the Kentucky Derby was the same day we'd have an episode out, and... well, let's talk about horse girls!!Covers episodes 1-13.

Episode 30: D4DJ First MixStar watched the new DJ-idol-themed mobile game spinoff anime, D4DJ!

Episode 31: IDOLiSH7 Second BeatOur boys are back, hooray! And they brought some new boys with 'em! What's up, new boys?! Let's watch the second season of i7!

Episode 32: Given MovieWelcome to Sad Boy Pride Month- let's get into the Given Movie!

Episode 33: Dropout Idol Fruit TartOn this week's episode, Sarah's bringing you the inside scoop on a newer idol series, Dropout Idol Fruit Tart! The scoop is it's hornier than we expected. Oh no.

Episode 34: Idoly PrideAll idols go to heaven, unless they have unfinished business.... Star finally finished watching Idoly Pride, so now it's time to talk about it (and all the feelings it caused)!

Episode 35: Love Live: The School Idol Movie!Welcome back to Summer of Love Live- we're finishing off Muse once and for all by covering the first Love Live movie!
There is no cause for concern.

Episode 36: Love Live Sunshine Movie: Over the Rainbow!Let's go on a quest! We're finishing off Summer of Love Live with the Aqours movie!

Episode 37: Uta no Prince-Sama: Maji LOVE 2000%We're heading back to school (?) with the Utapri boys, with season 2 of Uta no Prince-Sama! Which is WAY wilder than we expected, why didn't anyone tell us how wild it got?!

Episode 38: BanG Dream!Hey you! Yeah, you! I wanna start a band! With you, me, and that health inspector we've been hiding in the fridge. But first, let's discuss BanG Dream season 1!

Episode 39: Idol JihenCursed Idol October has officially begun, and we're kicking it off with... idol politicians?? Sarah's gonna tell us about Idol Jihen!

Episode 40: GekidolStar had a mental breakdown watching this anime so you don't have to. It's time to talk about Gekidol, the most cursed episode of Cursed Idol October yet.

Episode 41: Zombieland Saga REVENGEYou all knew it was coming. We're finishing off October with the spookiest idol show, Zombieland Saga REVENGE!Featuring the return of a special guest!

Episode 42: iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls (Part 1)We've said we were gonna do it for months, and it's finally happening! Let's talk about the first iDOLM@STER spinoff, Cinderella Girls!

Episode 43: iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls (Part 2)
Let's finish off our Cinderella Girls discussion! Here come some... MORE GIRLS!!!

Episode 44: The iDOL DAYS Christmas Special 2!We're back with more seasonal goodness- let's talk Christmas music in round 2 of our annual holiday special!

Episode 45: Vivy: Fluorite Eyes's SongNeed a palate cleanser after Gekidol's failed sci-fi nonsense? Star sure did. Let's go back in time and prevent the AI apocalpyse- by becoming AI-dols!

Episode 46: Pride of OrangeYou know what they say, kids: All idols have to be good at sports. This week, we're heading to the ice rink and learning about some hockey idols!...They ARE idols though, right? ...Right???

Episode 47: IDOLiSH7 3rd Beat (Part 1)The boys are BACK, and there's more of them than ever! We're diving back into IDOLiSH7 with our 4th episode of the franchise, covering the first half of season 3! It's TRAUMA TIME, BABY!

Episode 48: LocodolSarah takes us down a cozy slice-of-life trail as we head into the small town of Nagarekawa. Let's talk about local idols in Locodol!

Episode 49: BelleDo U have what it takes to be the next virtual idol (and overcome your own personal traumas in the process)? Let's enter the world of Belle and learn some stuff about the wild world of the internet!

Episode 50: Uta no Prince-sama Maji LOVE REVOLUTIONSIt's time for REVOLUTION! Sarah takes us once again down the increasingly-chaotic trail of UtaPri as we discuss the 3rd season of the dating-game-turned-idol-anime! (And a lot of other things including Kingdom Hearts, Ace Attorney tie-ins, and an increasing number of tiny, tiny hands)

Episode 51: Calendar Girls: American IdolsLet this be a lesson to you all: Never watch the weird DVD you find in your basement.

Season 3

Episode 52: 2nd Anniversary Special Variety Show!We've been doing this podcast for two whole years! Two!! Can you believe it? Let's discuss the past year, the future of the podcast, play some games and answer questions from listeners! And if you're good, we may even teach you how to swim.

Episode 53: Ensemble Stars (Part 1)At this school, everyone wants to be top idol... and there's a lot of contestants. On this episode: Sarah gets 4 new sons, Star has opinions and a crush on a dude with a blimp, and there's so many more boys! Let's meet these boys!!Covers episodes 1-12.

Episode 54: Ensemble Stars (Part 2)Welcome back to Too Many Boys, the show that has too many boys! We love 'em, but sheesh!On this episode: Murder (allegedly)! BOYS (absolutely)! FILLER EPISODES (DEFINITELY)!! Let's get into the 2nd half of Ensemble Stars!!!Covers episodes 13-24.

Episode 55: Revue StarlightOn this episode, we're aiming for position zero! We're gonna be top stars! We're... gonna be sacrificed to a giraffe maybe? I'm sure that'll be fine. Let's talk Revue Starlight!

Episode 56: Selection ProjectIt's time for the finalists of the reality show Selection Project to take the stage! The winners will make their debut as idols, and the losers... Well. You'll see. (Also, is anyone getting a sense of deja vu?)

Episode 57: Love Live Nijigasaki School Idol Club (Part 1)The summer of Love Live has returned for round 3! And, as always, the Love Live episodes are where we get the craziest. Let's get into it and meet the solo idols of Nijigasaki!

Episode 58: Love Live Nijigasaki School Idol Club (Part 2)Sarah was sick so it's a bit delayed but part 2 of Love Live Nijigasaki is here! And the salt flows freely! The producers of this anime are cowards so let's talk about it.

Episode 59: Heroine Tarumono!Sarah's bringing us into a newer anime! An ordinary girl becomes the assistant manager to two idols, and has to keep her work a secret. But the two idols she manages happen to be her classmates at school, and there may be trouble on the horizon... Like the ending. It certainly has an ending. Let's dive into it!

Episode 60: Hypnosis MicWhen traditional weapons are banned, only one way for men to do battle remains... duke it out with sick rhymes and sicker beats! Star watched the rap boys show and it was so much wilder than we thought it would be. (And remember: Don't do drugs, kids)

Episode 61: Show By Rock!!Welcome to the world of Midi City, where everyone's a cute Hello Kitty animal mascot and also your guitar talks to you. I'm sure this is a perfectly normal and sensible place to get isekai'd into! Right?

Episode 62: Visual PrisonWhat's Spookymonth without some spooky vampire boys?! Star's kicking off Cursed Idol October with Visual Prison, and it's... a show. Can these pretty boys and hilarious camp save the show from the abysmal writing? Let's discuss.

Episode 63: DevidolThe cursed white whale of idol anime has finally been slain. Sarah watched Devidol, a show I bet you didn't know existed! Well, you know about it now. So let's talk about it.

Episode 64: Ya Boy KongmingLet us begin the idol strategem! When an ancient Chinese tactician is isekai'd into the modern day, what does he do? Become a talent manager for an aspiring singer, obviously! It's the final part of Cursed Idol October, and our usual special guest makes a return to discuss the shenanigans with us!

Episode 65: Uta no Prince-Sama Maji LOVE Legend Star Sarah's dragging us back for the final full season of UtaPri! And, in true UtaPri fashion, it's the wildest and most unhinged one yet. Three idol groups compete, only one can win... but first we gotta make a lot of Kingdom Hearts references.

Episode 66: Carole and Tuesday (Part 1)It's been a little bit, but we're finally back with a new episode! We're diving into a favorite from a few years ago and following the musical journey of Carole and Tuesday, two rising stars from Mars!

Episode 67: The iDOL DAYS Christmas Special 2022It's that time of year again! Time for a chill episode where we listen to some chill Christmas tunes and ignore how stressed and tired the holiday season makes us. Also, who put this snow all over our studio??

Episode 68: Carole and Tuesday (Part 2)The end of 2022 was determined to keep us down, but we're finally BACK and finishing off Carole and Tuesday! On today's episode.... politics? In MY anime?! It's more likely than you think! Let's dive into the 2nd season!

Episode 69: Bocchi the RockIt's K-On for zoomers! Last season Bocchi took the internet and the stage by storm and we wanted to watch it, dangit! Let's start a band.... if we can muster up the courage. (Also, happy 69th episode. Nice)