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What is iDOL DAYS?

iDOL DAYS is a podcast about all things idols in anime! Join us as we watch a variety of idol shows, review and critique the different aspects of each series, and attempt to discover once and for all, "Who is best girl??"

New episodes released every other Friday!

The Hosts


Star is a professional comic artist and illustrator! She loves strong narratives, character development, and getting emotional about idols.

(Read her webcomic!!)


Sarah is a short nerd, artist, and cosplayer! She loves Slice of Life and Cute Girls Doing Cute Things.

About the Show

iDOL DAYS started as an informational idol anime panel run by Star at conventions around central Texas. With more and more idol shows being released each year, it became difficult to fit a discussion of every show on the market into an hour-long panel- And lo, the podcast was born!

Each episode covers a different idol show, delving into the plot, characters, music, animation, and our general take on "Is this show worth watching?"

New episodes are released every other Friday- Check the links below to subscribe and be notified when a new episode is released!

About the Hosts


Star is a professional comic artist and illustrator based out of Austin, TX. Her love of idols began in 2012 when Sarah showed her a clip from the [email protected] anime series, after which she fell into the Idol Hell Pit and has been stuck there ever since.

She is also the writer and artist behind the webcomic Castoff, an adventure story about glowy kids with problems on the run from the fantasy cops. You should read it, it's all she talks about (besides idols, of course).

Favorite Idols:
☆ Makoto Kikuchi ([email protected])
☆ Umi Kousaka ([email protected] Million Live)
☆ Mayu Shimada (Wake Up Girls)


Sarah is a nerd living in Atlanta, GA. She's a professional multimedia artist for the corporate world--you might have seen her stuff, but if she told you, she'd have to kill you. Sarah was introduced into anime idols from her love of slice-of-life anime. She's also a shipper. Now kiss!

Sarah is unapologetically responsible for Star's descent into Idol Hell. She also cosplays a lot, and regularly attends cons in the Southeast United States. If you run in to her, she'd love to gush about video games, anime, and 2D idols!

Favorite Idols:
☆ Anna Mochizuki ([email protected] Million Live)
☆ Hanamaru Kunikida (Love Live! Sunshine!!)


Q: Why is your title spelled Like That?
A: The @ and the lowercase i are an homage to the [email protected] logo!

Q: Who did the art for your podcast?
A: Star did both the cover art, logo, and character designs! Because she has no chill.

Q: What's your intro/closing song?
A: Kira Kira Girls from Nash Music Library!

Q: Why do you talk about crabs so much??
A: No thoughts, head empty, only crabs 🦀


New episodes every other Friday- Subscribe to be notified of new releases!

Episode 00: Welcome to iDOL DAYS!

A primer for the series! An introduction to the concept of idols, defining some important terms, and meeting your hosts!

Episode 01: THE [email protected] (2011) Part 1

Sarah and Star revisit the series that got them both into idols!

Covers episodes 1-12.

Episode 02: THE [email protected] (2011) Part 2

Sarah and Star revisit the series that got them both into idols!

Covers episodes 13-25.

Episode 03: Perfect Blue

Star introduces Sarah to one of her favorite movies, the idol-themed psychological horror film by Satoshi Kon!

{Content warning for mentions of rape and violence}

Episode 04: If My Favorite Idol Made It to the Budokan I Would DIE!

Sarah reviews the new comedy series about hyper-dedicated idol fans and the importance of flipping bread.

Episode 05: 22/7

Star reviews her newest watch, which may or may not be about idols joining a cult. Is it a cult? It's probably a cult.

Episode 06: IDOLiSH7

Sarah and Star tackle their first guydol show of the podcast! (Guy idols. Idol dudes. Y'know, them pretty boys.)

Episode 07: Tsukiuta

Sarah stays on the guydol train a little longer to tell Star all about a radio drama turned anime that... may have too many boys.

Episode 08: Sekko Boys

Sometimes idol shows are serious, and sometimes idol shows are about sentient statues. Star's gonna teach you about Sekko Boys!!

Episode 09: Love Live! School Idol Project! Part 1

We couldn't put it off forever! Sarah watches the original Love Live for the first time, and discusses her thoughts with Star, a jaded LL veteran.

Covers season 1 (episodes 1-13).

Episode 10: Love Live! School Idol Project! Part 2

Part 2 of our Love Live coverage! Sarah watches the original Love Live for the first time, and discusses her thoughts with Star, a jaded LL veteran.

Covers season 2 (episodes 14-26).

Episode 11: Love Live! Sunshine!! Part 1

It's Star's turn to talk Love Live! Let's talk about Aqours, the successors to the Love Live throne!

Covers season 1 (episodes 1-13).

Episode 12: Love Live! Sunshine!! Part 2

The final episode of the Summer of Love Live! Let's talk about LL Sunshine and Aqours, the successors to the Love Live throne!

Covers season 2 (episodes 14-26).

Episode 13: IDOLiSH7 Vibrato

We're winding down after 4 episodes of Love Live with a triumphant return to our I7 boys! Let's catch up with IDOLiSH7 Vibrato!

Episode 14: Idol Project

Cursed Idol October has begun, and we're starting with a throwback- We're going back in time to an idol sci-fi from the 90's! Let's learn about Idol Project!

(No, it's not related to Love Live)

Episode 15: Samurai Jam: Bakumatsu Rock

For part 2 of Cursed Idol October, we're going even further back in time and exploring a very historically accurate* show featuring samurai idols! (Or "samuraidols", if you will).

*Historical accuracy may vary

Add these as episodes are released.

Episode 16: Zombieland Saga

It's spooky season- which means it's the perfect time for a spooky series! We're talking about Zombieland Saga, the story of idols from beyond the grave! And we're joined by.... Our very first special guest?!

Episode 17: Uta no Prince-Sama: Maji Love 1000%

Sarah takes us on the first steps down the rabbit hole that is Uta no Prince-Sama!! In an academy where romance is forbidden, will a composer find her true love...?!

Episode 18: The [email protected] Movie

It's Thanksgiving season, and we're hopping back on the [email protected] train to discuss the [email protected] Movie!

(Because [email protected] Million Live is Thank You Project, get it?)

Episode 19: [email protected] SideM

Star's keeping us on the [email protected] rails as she finally watches SideM! But how does the guydol version of her favorite franchise stack up...?!

Episode 20: The iDOL DAYS Christmas Special!

Merry Christmas, dear listeners! Our present to you is a new episode- Enjoy our iDOL DAYS Christmas Special!

Episode 21: Wake Up Girls (Part 1)

Rise and shine, everyone! We're starting off the new year with a discussion of Wake Up Girls!

Covers the first movie and episodes 1-12.

Episode 22: Wake Up Girls (Part 2)

Part 2 of our Wake Up Girls discussion! In this ep, we discuss the 2 mid-series movies and the somewhat divisive 2nd season.

Covers the 2nd and 3rd movies and episodes 13-24.

Episode 27: High School Musical (April Fool's Special)

On this episode, we discuss the original school idols, the cast of High School Musical! Let's go!! 🏀